Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Search Engine Fun

Google as a search engine has some great features. Give these a try:

Google Image Search Engine
#1 You can upload and search an image:
Click on the little camera icon when using Google Images

Choose an image to upload

Google Image Search Engine
#2 Find an image with a transparent background.

Click on Search tools, Color and then Transparent

If the image has a checkered background it is transparent.

 If the image does not have a checkered background it is not transparent.

Google Image Search Engine
#3 Search for animated images (gifs)
Click on Search tools, Type and then Animated

Google Web Search Engine
#4 Search for current information. Click on Search tools, Any time and then choose the time period.

Here are a few more tips to help with the Google Search engine:
#1 Use it as a timer to keep you on track.
Google: set timer 30 minutes

Go full screen and project it in front of the class. A scroll bar will show how much time has passed.

#2 Calculate the tip.
Google: tip calculator

#3 Find out what date any holiday falls on.
Google: Easter 2016 or Hanakkah 2016

#4 Movie release dates.
Google: The Hobbit Release date

#5 Television show schedules.
Google: Gold Rush episodes

#6 Songs of your favorite band or books by your favorite author.
Google: Songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Google: Books by Jack London

#7 Tilt your search
Google: Tilt
or go completely crazy and tip it over
Google: Barrel Roll

I hope these search tips are helpful to you and your students.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Quiz Your Friends!

Recently I was asked by a co-worker to suggest a site that students could use to create questions and answers for their friends.

Immediately I remembered a site called "Quiz Your Friends". 

What I like about this site is:

  • no account is needed
  • you can choose the number of questions
  • create a personalized message for your friends when they finish your quiz
  • share easily
  • the quiz scrolls nicely from question to question

Click here to take my quiz on bowling.

I highly recommend giving Quiz Your Friends a try.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chat with Deb -Two Sites to Support Hour of Code

This week we celebrate the national Hour of Code event.

Watch this Chat with Deb to see two sites that will help students to become creators, inventors and coders.

3D Tin

Made with Code

Resources shared in this episode:

Click here to view all of the Chat with Deb episodes.

Thank you to Intel's Teachers Engage Community for sponsoring this episode.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Trivia Crack - I Hope All Students Get Hooked on This App!

Thanks to my Facebook friends, I've started playing a new app called Trivia Crack. It is free and addicting.  

And, unlike many apps that people are playing, Trivia Crack is educational!!!! Although I must admit that most of the time my friends are better at Trivia than I am. . . 

Trivia Crack is very similar to Trivial Pursuit.  The object of the game is to get enough correct answers to earn each of the 6 categories:
Science, History, Sports, Art, Entertainment and Geography

What I love about Trivia Crack is that it is challenging, I'm always learning new and interesting facts, and I can play against my friends.

I'm hoping this app becomes very popular amongst our students. Whenever an app can make learning facts exciting and also has a social platform, I think it's a winner!!!  

Wouldn't it be great if teachers would have a friendly competition between classes using Trivia Crack?  Students could use the knowledge they have gained in their education to compete against their peers and enjoy the experience of the game.

I highly recommend giving Trivia Crack a try!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

From My Amazing Colleagues

Here are some of the great sites and tools being used by the amazing educators that I work with:

Thinglink and Kahoot are two sites being integrated by a large number of our teachers. What makes these sites popular? Thinglink is all about making an image interactive with hotspots; something that is easy to use in any academic area. And Kahoot is just plain fun. Reviewing content in a game-based platform is so appealing to teachers and students.

Google Classroom has taken our high school by storm. This past week when I was helping a teacher to get his students onto Google Classroom, I asked the students in 5 different classes if any of them were not already using Classroom and not one hand went in the air. Teachers and students love the simplicity and interface of this LMS.

Keegan is having his students create videos using WeVideo and Screencastify. Did you know that you can use the Webcam option on the extension Screencastify to record a video and then edit that video in WeVideo?  Make sure to check the box to show the preview window for Screencastify.

Catherine had her students create children's books in Spanish using the site Story Jumper.  Even though this site is geared towards younger students, the high school students found this tool to be just the right fit for their needs. Catherine knew to have the students keep the tech simple, in order to focus on the larger task at hand, writing stories coherently in Spanish.

John's ELL students used Animoto to create a personal dictionary video.  One of the useful features of Animoto is the option to include a caption with an image. The students wrote sentences using the words in their video to show meaning.

I shared a presentation with our teachers on QR Codes. These scannable codes are an easy way to provide students with new information in a more interactive way. 

One of my favorite new audio tools is Audioboom. Students can record up to 10 minutes with a free account and then there is the option to create a QR code with an image to play back the audio recording.

Our World Language teachers were impressed with QR Voice when we discovered that we could have text read to us in many different dialects. The other amazing feature of QR Voice is that the text can also spoken in any of the featured languages.

A special thank you to all of the educators out there who are making an effort to use technology on a daily basis with their students. Your efforts to give students a rich technological education are appreciated!!

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